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 in The Czech Republic

2023 : [ UNICEF ECARO ] : Assessment of the social and child protection system of the Czech Republic

Child Frontiers is undertaking a groundbreaking project to assist the Government of Czech Republic to strengthen child and social protection systems. Over 7 million refugees from Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, with 4 million registered for temporary or similar national protection schemes. As of September 2022, the Czech Republic has granted Temporary Protection to almost 400,000 refugees from Ukraine, of whom 34 per cent are children and 46 per cent are women. In March 2022, the Government approved a package of Laws (Lex-Ukraine-Law) that focuses on the rapid registration and integration of refugees. Despite achievements and commitment of the Government of the Czech Republic, hosting the highest number of refugees per capita amongst other hosting countries that are part of the Ukrainian Humanitarian response is putting enormous strain on the country’s basic services and infrastructure, particularly on child protection. Given this context, Child Frontiers will support the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to conduct an assessment of the current social and child protection, as well as social service workforce systems. It will identify the existing cash transfers targeting children and families, the functions of statutory bodies and service providers, their strengths and gaps, and better understand how child and social protection bodies and services, as well as the existing social service workforce can be strengthened to further address the needs of the vulnerable population including Ukrainian refugee children, adolescents, girls and boys, women and families in the Czech Republic.

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